Paul Wallas

Senior UI & UX Designer

I design all projects with meaningful and deliberate values

With over 10 years of UI & UX design experience, I aim to deliver products and interfaces that are intuitive, elegant, coherent and user focused - whilst meeting business and customer needs.

Work Samples

Customer Claim Platform

Winner of Insurance Times ‘Best Use of Technology for Customer Experience’ award 2018 & 2019, the customer claim platform is a multi-lingual, white label responsive web app that allows customers to report an insurance claim online. My role in this project was to lead the design architecture, design the user interface and lead the overall customer experience.

Claim Handler Portal

The claim handler portal is a white label responsive web application that presents to claim handlers all details relating to the customers’ claim which is submitted in the Customer Claim Platform. My role in this project was to collect business and client requirements, create user personas and user journeys while also designing both the user interface and customer experience.

Claim Reporting Dashboard

The claim reporting dashboard presents all claim data across all lines of business for each client. My role in this project was to identify the user persona that would represent the users of the dashboard and design a user interface that would allow them to understand quickly and clearly the current status of all claims.

Client Portal

The client portal is a responsive web application that allows the client onboarding team to configure new clients along with their branding and journey configuration. My role on this project was to communicate with the Business Analysts and the Onboarding Team members to understand journey flow whilst also discussing with the System Architect to learn system behaviour. From here I was responsible for all user interface and user experience design.

Further Information

I occasionally write on Medium and I'm also on LinkedIn

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